CacheGuard Appliance
Web Security and Optimization

CacheGuard Subscription Management

Your CacheGuard appliance S/N and the license level that you intend to purchase are mandatory to subscribe online or to submit your activation code from this page. Please use the button/link displayed in the Web GUI of your CacheGuard appliance to access this page.

Important Notices

Please note that 1): If you choose to subscribe to a users capacity other than your currently installed users capacity (License Level) you should REINSTALL your appliance using CacheGuard-OS or purchase CacheGuard-VE (Virtual Edition). 2): Reinstalling CacheGuard-OS on your machine could involve additional costs and impact the performances of your appliance. Please check the available resources on your machine prior to any reinstallation.

(*)The rUsers stands for simultaneous users in reverse mode (to protect Web servers)

CacheGuard is an OS/Appliance dedicated to Web traffic Security and Optimization. See for further information.