CacheGuard Appliance
Web Security and Optimization

CacheGuard Subscription Management

Your CacheGuard S/N [CG-L1_00000000-00000000] (License Level 1) is installed for up to 100 users (and/or up to 20 rUsers). To use your CacheGuard and benefit from all associated services you need to have a valid subscription that matches your CacheGuard users capacity (License Level).

If you received an Activation Code with your CacheGuard (OS, Hardware or VE) please click on the Activate button in order to activate the associated subscription and/or services. Please note that Activation Codes can be used once. Otherwise please click on the Subscribe button.

Important Notices

Please note that 1): If you choose to subscribe to a users capacity other than your currently installed users capacity (License Level) you should REINSTALL your appliance using CacheGuard-OS or purchase CacheGuard-VE (Virtual Edition). 2): Reinstalling CacheGuard-OS on your machine could involve additional costs and impact the performances of your appliance. Please check the available resources on your machine prior to any reinstallation.

(*)The rUsers stands for simultaneous users in reverse mode (to protect Web servers)

CacheGuard is an OS/Appliance dedicated to Web traffic Security and Optimization. See for further information.