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The form below allows you to get our prices without the possibility to purchase a subscription. To purchase a subscription you should register your appliance and get its unique S/N first. The registration of an appliance is an interactive procedure that should be initiated from the Web GUI of your appliance. To register your appliance and get its unique S/N (Serial Number) return to the Web GUI of your CacheGuard appliance and go to the menu option [GENERAL] > [Main Settings] > [Registration & Subscription].

Please note that 1): if you subscribe to a license level other than the currently installed level (users capacity) you should REINSTALL your appliance using the CacheGuard-OS bootable ISO CDROM or purchase the appropriate VE (Virtual Edition) appliance for the level purchased here. 2): rUsers stands for simultaneous users in reverse mode (to protect Web servers).

For rapid delivery you can purchase a subscription using PayPal Subscription. If you do not wish to use the PayPal Subscription, you can pay your order by Money Transfer or PayPal Me Payment. Please note that payments by Money Transfer or PayPal Me Payment can only be processed for yearly subscriptions. For any other orders please ASK For a QUOTE. A sales manager will contact you as soon as possible with further instructions.

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 (i) If this is not the permanent IP address of your appliance please after having completed your subscription. This IP will be allowed to access to the URL Blacklists and the AV Extended Signatures services.
 (ii) The VAT is calculated according to the country you specify here. Please provide the country attached to your PayPal payer email. Otherwise your purchase may be cancelled without being able to request any form of reimbursement.
 (iii) Ignore this if you are located outside the EU (European Union), inside the UK or if you don't have a VAT number. Otherwise provide a valid VAT number officially belonging to the buyer to avoid the payment of the VAT. Please note that non conforming purchases may be cancelled without being able to request any form of reimbursement.
 (iv) In cases where you purchase a support level other than the basic support, use this email address as your login name to connect to the portal.

CacheGuard is an OS/Appliance dedicated to Web traffic Security and Optimization. See for further information.