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Here you can get our subscription public prices. To purchase a subscription you should register your appliance and get its unique S/N first. The registration of an appliance is an interactive procedure that should be initiated from the Web GUI of your appliance. To register your appliance and get its unique S/N (Serial Number) return to the Web GUI of your CacheGuard appliance and go to the menu option [GENERAL] > [Registration & Subscription] to proceed.

Bank Cards, PayPal, SWIFT
For rapid delivery and automatic renewals, select Bank Card or PayPal Subscriptions payment methods. If you do not wish automatic renewals, you can pay your subscription by Bank Card, PayPal or Money Transfer. Please note that non automatic renewals can only be processed for yearly subscriptions. For any other orders please ASK For a QUOTE. A sales manager will contact you as soon as possible with further instructions.

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CacheGuard is a Unified Threat Management & Network traffic Optimizer OS/Appliance. See for further information.